What In The Sam Hill Is Going On With My Spilts?

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April 12 WalkToday has been a bit stressful. So I decided I just needed to get out of the house for a nice 3 mile walk. My first 5K is tomorrow so I if I could average a 16:30 pace/mile I’d be happy.

I went fast right out the shoot. Stressful days require channeling that energy and walking fast was a better choice than punching. When I hit mile 2, I decided to slow the pace up a bit. I really wanted some gas in the tank for when I started going uphill on mile 3. I finally settled in on a really comfortable pace.

April 12 SpiltsFor my last mile, which was up hill, I got super hungry but otherwise I felt great.

When I checked my splits after the walk, I was surprised and shocked that mile 3 matched my mile 1 pace. And my average mile was 16:26 – 4 seconds under goal. I really didn’t feel as if I was going that fast. Maybe I needed to release the stress. Or perhaps my body is simply adjusting and soon, I’ll need to push myself again.

Either way, I am awesome!

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