Pedometers – Are They Really Worth It?

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I considered buying a pedometer. As I plowed through the online reviews, it struck me that people really love their pedometers. Even in my Weight Watchers meetings, people talk about the wonders of pedometers. It’s as if this little device came from the fitness gods and holds the key to unlock the mysteries of weight loss.

Well to that I say:

That’s right. I call Shenanigans!

Sorry, but I just don’t see it. It counts steps. It’s just a tracker and not much else. Yeah, I’ve seen the articles about how it inspires you to get moving. I started a blog about my weight loss journey…how much more inspired do I need to be? It just seems that I would have to obsessively track all that I do. That’s not how I roll. I just don’t want to over think this workout stuff.

Do I track what I eat? Yes. Do I track my walks? Yep. How about my workouts with my trainer or other activities? You betcha. But I can do that via Weight Watchers’ eTools and it takes about 15 seconds. Not much effort involved. Yes, I have been using MapMyWalks for my daily walks. I would love for it to count steps too (it might, but I don’t want to pay for it). Sure, the data it provides helps me push myself a little more each walk. But it’s on my iPhone. So is my playlist. And a way to call for help. Both of which I consider a necessity when walking. I just don’t want another gadget to carry around.

So I looked at pedometer apps too. Sigh. I just thought, I’ve got too many apps as it is. And lets get real. If Weight Watchers were to add a kick ass walking tracker to their app, how long do you think MapMyWalks will last on my phone? The fewer apps, the better I say.

Am I missing something?

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