50 Fattiest Foods In the States (A.K.A. How I Got Fat)

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Quadruple Bypass Burger courtesy of the Heart Attack Grill.

Quadruple Bypass Burger courtesy of the Heart Attack Grill.

Oh my. This list is incredible. I traveled around the country for my last job, and I’m afraid that I’ve sampled 23 of the dishes listed.  Yikes!

I am somewhat surprised as a native Michigander, I never heard of the Michigan BLT. Hmmmm bacon…is there anything it can’t do?

Also, I lived in Arizona for nearly 10 years and never heard of the Heart Attack Grill.  But if you are over 350 lbs you eat for free.  Thankfully I didn’t hit 350, but something tells me if this burger was around when I lived in Phoenix, I might have.

Now that I’ve lost weight, I look at this list and it really doesn’t tempt me. In fact, I feel a little mad at myself. Well not for the Café Du Monde beignets. They are yummy!

But looking at most of the items on the list, I just ask myself “Why didn’t I make better choices?” Today, I wouldn’t spend any of my 36 daily points on that crap.

Eating until I bust isn’t something I aspire too anymore. I use to think I got a good deal at a restaurant based on the portion sizes. The more food, the better the restaurant.

How times have changed. I don’t even use our 12-inch dinner plates anymore. Nope. Only the 6 inch salad plates now. Why? Because I learned the hard way that my eyes, not my actual hunger level, were driving how much was on my plate.

As my dad always says, my eyes were too big for my stomach. Well, not anymore.

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