No Worms In This Big Apple Trip!

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I survived New York City and its wonderful plethora of scrumdiddlyumptious food.

The keys? 1. Smart choices and 2. Walking, walking and more walking.

I left the cannolis and opted for eggs, ordered tasty salads, skipped desserts, drank lots of water, and avoided bad snacks. The biggest boost this weekend was the amount of walking we did. I worried as the weather report called for rain the entire time.

Sure enough it rained all night Friday, but that didn’t stop us from taking a 3-hour trek through Times Square, Hell’s Kitchen and the Theater District. Saturday it was windy, chilly and sprinkled some. That didn’t stop us from walking everywhere, taking in the sights and sounds of the city. No cabs! With the exception of our outing to The Book of Mormon, we were on our feet the entire day.

Saturday night I did indulge in a few Cosmos while listening to jazz. But my dogs were barking at me, so no guilt!

I plan to step on the scales this Friday so we’ll see if I kicked the worm to the curb.

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