On The Road Again

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Today I’m off to the Big Apple for a weekend of fun with the hubby. I’m going to do my best to stay on program. So yes, I will be counting carbs and points…well mostly guestamating. I have no idea why, but eating healthy and traveling don’t always go together for me. I think when I’m on vacation I give myself permission to go off program. That’s just crazy.

The last vacation we took, I was in complete control. We rented a house with a kitchen and I cooked most of our meals to save money. I was able to plan our meals and not go over my daily points allowance.

This weekend I’ll have no kitchen. No grocery shopping. No food plan. Since I just got back from Arizona, I haven’t even had a chance to pick up a few safe snacks for the train ride. Ugh!

So for trips like this weekend (where we eat out all the time), walking a lot was my way to help guard against those little treats you can’t resist. Well walking may not be an option as NYC is having lots o’rain this weekend. So lots of pressure on my food choices.

Hopefully they will have fruit on the train.

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