On The Road Again

Today I’m off to the Big Apple for a weekend of fun with the hubby. I’m going to do my best to stay on program. So yes, I will be counting carbs and points…well mostly guestamating. I have no idea why, but eating healthy and traveling don’t always go together for me. I think when I’m on vacation I give myself permission to go off program. That’s just crazy.

The last vacation we took, I was in complete control. We rented a house with a kitchen and I cooked most of our meals to save money. I was able to plan our meals and not go over my daily points allowance.

This weekend I’ll have no kitchen. No grocery shopping. No food plan. Since I just got back from Arizona, I haven’t even had a chance to pick up a few safe snacks for the train ride. Ugh!

So for trips like this weekend (where we eat out all the time), walking a lot was my way to help guard against those little treats you can’t resist. Well walking may not be an option as NYC is having lots o’rain this weekend. So lots of pressure on my food choices.

Hopefully they will have fruit on the train.

Confession Time

IHOP - My downfall on Saturday.  They actually add pancake batter to omeletts.

IHOP – My downfall on Saturday. BEWARE: They actually add pancake batter to omelets.

I made a promise to my husband on Friday that we would go to IHOP. I felt sorry for him. He had to fast all day Thursday for his colonoscopy on Friday. As the anesthetic was wearing off after the procedure, in a very pathetic weak voice, he asked if we could go to IHOP.

“Of course we can, but we need to go home first.” I thought he was so out of it, he wouldn’t remember.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. After my 5k I went to Weight Watchers to weigh in. My husband, who was driving, didn’t go straight home after Weight Watchers. Nope. He went to the nearest IHOP. Damn!

As we rolled into the parking lot, my tummy was rumbling loudly. I was in trouble. I quickly came up with a game plan – order the Create Your Own Omelet with tomatoes and spinach, and just heat half. Easy peasy.

What I didn’t count on: 3 silver dollar pancakes on the side.

Really!?! Cauliflower mash is a side dish. A side salad is a side dish (the name sort of says it all). Three fluffy, delicious pancakes? Not a side dish.

I was so hungry I tore into the omelet, doing my best to ignore the pancakes that seemed to be calling to me. I ate about 40% of the omelet. I felt satisfied. However…

Those pancakes…so warm…so fluffy. And with a scoop of melting butter sitting on top. Hmmmmm.

I tried to be strong, but I heard a little voice say, “You just did a 5K. Go ahead. Have a few bites. It won’t hurt.” That little voice belonged to my loving, supportive husband. Thanks honey!

I cut off a small piece. Then I had another…and another. I ended up eating about 3/4 of a pancake before stopping.

I didn’t beat myself up. The old Dot to Trot wouldn’t have stopped. And that omelet would be toast too. All in all not terribly bad.

Then I went home to look up the Points Plus value of my meal and discovered that IHOP actually puts pancake batter in their omelets. Crap!

The Challenge of PF Chang’s

At my Weight Watchers meeting this weekend, we discussed strategies for eating out. This was very timely as I had lunch with a couple of friends. I normally don’t find eating out a challenge. I usually go with a small side salad and some protein. Not just because I’m trying to lose weight, but I like to save money too. If I can keep it under $10 I’m happy.

Today was going to be a challenge. Here is a little secret for you: PF Chang’s isn’t low carb friendly. Shocker!

One of the things we discussed in my WW meeting was to go in with a game plan so your not as tempted. Well, my plan for today was simply to enjoy the meal and not freak out about carbs. I was there to see friends, not obsess over food. Now, that doesn’t mean I eat everything on the left side of the menu. Just make smart choices.

The Game Plan
I gave myself permission to go from 25g to 55g carbs for the day. Considering I was doing 600g+/day before the weight came off, I think I was pretty safe.

I checked out the nutrition content online and noted 4 options for lunch. However, it narrowed to 1 when I learned the actual serving sizes. Holy Moly…2-4 servings per dish. You mean I’m suppose to share?!? Sounds like communism to me.

So I settled for the Dim Sum Lunch – garden salad (just lettuce with dressing on side) and steamed pork dumplings. Price: $7.95. Score!

Before lunch, I made sure I ate light. A 2 carb berry shake for breakfast, celery and cream cheese for a mid-morning snack. Oh, and lots of water so I wasn’t starving when lunch rolled around.

No alcohol. Instead the Jasmine Blackberry Ice Tea. Zero carbs and yummy. I had enough tea that by the time lunch was over my belly was full and my teeth were floating.

All in all, I had a great time with friends, without fretting about my carb count. Oh, my lunch carb count was 30g. My total for the day: 44g. Sweet. I love it when a plan comes together.