The Challenge of PF Chang’s

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At my Weight Watchers meeting this weekend, we discussed strategies for eating out. This was very timely as I had lunch with a couple of friends. I normally don’t find eating out a challenge. I usually go with a small side salad and some protein. Not just because I’m trying to lose weight, but I like to save money too. If I can keep it under $10 I’m happy.

Today was going to be a challenge. Here is a little secret for you: PF Chang’s isn’t low carb friendly. Shocker!

One of the things we discussed in my WW meeting was to go in with a game plan so your not as tempted. Well, my plan for today was simply to enjoy the meal and not freak out about carbs. I was there to see friends, not obsess over food. Now, that doesn’t mean I eat everything on the left side of the menu. Just make smart choices.

The Game Plan
I gave myself permission to go from 25g to 55g carbs for the day. Considering I was doing 600g+/day before the weight came off, I think I was pretty safe.

I checked out the nutrition content online and noted 4 options for lunch. However, it narrowed to 1 when I learned the actual serving sizes. Holy Moly…2-4 servings per dish. You mean I’m suppose to share?!? Sounds like communism to me.

So I settled for the Dim Sum Lunch – garden salad (just lettuce with dressing on side) and steamed pork dumplings. Price: $7.95. Score!

Before lunch, I made sure I ate light. A 2 carb berry shake for breakfast, celery and cream cheese for a mid-morning snack. Oh, and lots of water so I wasn’t starving when lunch rolled around.

No alcohol. Instead the Jasmine Blackberry Ice Tea. Zero carbs and yummy. I had enough tea that by the time lunch was over my belly was full and my teeth were floating.

All in all, I had a great time with friends, without fretting about my carb count. Oh, my lunch carb count was 30g. My total for the day: 44g. Sweet. I love it when a plan comes together.

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