Sometimes It’s The Simple Things In Life…

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Sunflowers are a few of my favorite things!

Sunflowers…A few of my favorite things!

Well today I discovered something about myself that I never noticed before. Having fresh flowers in the kitchen is a good way to make sure I don’t go out for meals. Located strategically where I do my food prep, flowers are something pretty to look at and they smell amazing.

They just put me in a happy place. I’m more likely to measure my food and track my carbs with flowers in the kitchen.

Only one downside…fresh flowers are kitty magnets to my evil overlord cat, Spider.  Chasing Spider off the island (and sterilizing it) can get annoying. But then again, I get to break out the spray bottle for bad kitty. Bonus!

Fresh flowers (or chasing a cat with a spray bottle)… it really is the simple things in life.


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