Think Housework Isn’t Exercise? Ha!

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Guess my workout today! Image courtesy of Idea go and

Guess my workout today! Image courtesy of Idea go and

I’m too busy to go for a walk. But don’t fret, what I have on tap today will be more intense than any walk.  I’m doing housework!

It’s amazing how one thinks that you need to join a gym to get in your exercise.  I was one of those people. For a good workout, I thought I need to do yoga, aerobics or PX 90 class.

Truth is, an active lifestyle is what’s important, not just spending an hour at the gym.

I’ve discovered that housework can give me just as good a workout as weight training.  And yes, you can work up a sweat by cleaning.  Try lugging 5 loads of laundry up and down the stairs – that will get your heart pumping. Hell, just blast your favorite workout playlist and you can have your very own dance party while you dust. Trust me, there are lots of ways to get a solid workout by cleaning,

Even while blogging I workout my core by sitting on that exercise ball.

Now if your thing is counting calories (consuming and burning), don’t come to me for how many calories do you burn cleaning house. I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m not about calories in/calories out. I reduce my carbs for weight loss. I’m active for overall fitness – improve balance, more energy, better muscle tone. I don’t lose weight because I’m more active. I’m more active because I’ve lost weight (there’s your moment of zen for you!).

No walking today. Instead I’ll be working in the front yard, doing battle with weeds and trying to tame some wild-looking rose bushes.

Afterwords, I’m sweeping and mopping the floors. Then I’ll start painting prep for our second bedroom – taping trim, moving furniture away from walls, taking down curtains, dusting/washing walls, and spackling nail holes as needed.

A workout? You better believe it.  Who needs dumbbells when you have a mop and a big-ass bucket of hot water to carry up and down the stairs?

Weight Watchers has a good article on everyday chores as exercise.

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