Wax On. Wax Off.

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The tarantula parked on my lip had to go.

The tarantula parked on my lip had to go.

Today I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. A tarantula parked itself on my upper lip. Ugh!

I bid adieu to my lady moustache nearly 3 weeks ago.  I’m not surprised. Just frustrated.  My ‘stache tends to grow back fast since my weight knocks my hormones out of whack.

So what’s my secrete weapon for fighting my lady moustache?

Normally, I’d just apply a hair removal crème. That was until I got the first-degree burn.  I’m just a delicate flower, you know.

Ms. Miyagi successfully waxed off the stache.  Hopefully I'll never learn what "Paint the fence" means.

Ding dong, the lady moustache is dead!

So I visited my local salon and waxed my lip. Easy…and painful. Still I’m happy with the result.

I might look into upper lip threading for next time. I read it’s less painful. Riiiight.

Everyday Beauty. Sometimes it’s a bitch.

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