Yoga Kicked My Butt…And I Liked It

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Stretching isn't the same without my yoga toe socks!

Stretching isn’t the same without my yoga toe socks!

I woke up to a very tight right knee.  That means one thing: YOGA TIME!

I popped in my Yoga For Beginners DVD. For some reason this morning, I’m not very patient. This DVD just wasn’t doing it for me. The first five+ minutes consisted of me lying on my back breathing. Why did I have to get out of bed for that?

I know meditation is important in yoga and I actually enjoyed it during class. Perhaps I was just anxious about my knee and wanted to start stretching. So I popped my other yoga DVD, The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga.

I’ve never watched the show and didn’t know what to expect.

The DVD allowed me to customize my workout, so I could select sessions to play back-to-back. Awesome! I decided to try the 5-minute warm up and Level 1 (20-minute core session).

Even though I followed the guy doing the sissified version, this routine kicked my sorry, not-so-little ass.  It’s  amazing how much flexibility I lost since May! I met my match during the Plank Position. I was so worried about my knee I didn’t realize my wrists were as week as kittens.  It didn’t matter that I did Plank on my knees. My wrists couldn’t handle it. Then Trainer Bob got all psychotic on me and added push ups to the Plank Position. By the time the last Plank set rolled around, I just dropped into Child’s Pose.

My body trembled during each pose. I always feel nervous when that happens. To me its a sign I’m doing the it wrong. Shouldn’t I be  smooth like everyone on the DVD?  Thankfully Trainer Bob said that the shaking means your muscles are feeling the burn.

Overall, I loved this DVD, at least the warm up and Level 1. Truthfully, Levels 2 and 3 terrify me so I’ll wait before attempting those. I’ll do today’s set 4 times this week.

Only one little glitch with the workout. Spider, my evil overlord cat, was in the room and bit my ankle during of all things, Downward Dog Pose. Little bastard! I promptly kicked him out and continued.

Since my butt got kicked this morning, it’s time for a low carb breakfast – Eggs over easy served on asparagus with a side of crispy bacon. Yum!

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