Mixed Green, Avocado & Radish Sprout Salad

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Beef patties with mixed greens, avocado and radish sprouts. Low carb and yummy to boot!

Beef patties with mixed greens, avocado and radish sprouts. Low carb and yummy to boot!

A simple lunch today. Just a yummy salad to go along with my cow. Yes, there are two ground beef patties in my photo, but their combined weight is under 5.5 ounces.

With salads, there is always the risk of boredom. It’s too easy to get into a rut of iceberg lettuce, tomato and cucumbers.  I suspect those three ingredients are the staples in most household salads. I say fight boring salads with a little creativity. My Grilled Chicken Salad is awesome (no doubt due to the bacon!) as is my Spinach and Strawberry salad (with bacon dressing…hey, I sense a theme here). Those recipes coming soon.

Today I’m using radish sprouts. I’ve used bean sprouts in stir-fry dishes and alfalfa sprouts on burgers. This is the first time I’m using radish sprouts. They taste like radishes. The sprouts and the mixed greens give the salad a nice kick both in taste and texture. Delish! I plan to rotate them into my staple of salad ingredients.

The meal is 5g of carbs and you feel satisfied after eating.

As far as Weight Watchers, this is a high point meal – 14 points.  Why so high? The ground beef patties. I use the 80-20 ground beef. Higher in fat, higher in points. However, I’m going low carb – no pasta, rice, potatoes, breads, grains, sugars, low-fat foods. So I actually increase the good fat content in my diet to keep me satiated.  If you are not low carb, you can simply substitute  3 oz of a lower-fat patty (yes only one) or a skinless chicken breast (also 3 oz) if you like.

As for dressing, I used 1 tbsp of my Olive Oil & Apple Vinegar dressing.

Mixed Green, Avocado, Radish Sprout Salad



Mix ingredients in a bowl. Add 1-2 tbsp of your favorite dressing and toss. Enjoy!

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