Salads – No Longer Your Healthy Option When Eating Out

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This little gem had way more egg than expected and lots of hidden, unhealthy gems under the lettuce - candied walnuts and blue cheese even though I ordered no cheese. Joy.

This little gem had way more egg than expected, and croutons and candied walnuts hidden under the mound of lettuce. They also tossed in extra blue cheese even though I ordered no cheese. 

Before I became aware of what I shoved into my mouth, going out to eat was simple. I’d just order a salad if I wanted to eat healthy. How on earth can you screw up a bowl of veggies?

Well restaurants found a way.  Oily croutons, candied walnuts, tortilla strips, breaded chicken, gobs of cheese.

The word “salad” doesn’t mean what it use to any more. A salad use to mean chopped veggies and lettuce leaves. Now it’s just any food mixed together in a bowl served cold with a dressing (oh, don’t get me started on salad dressings).

So what’s a low-carb gal to do?

Before arriving at a restaurant, I always check out its menu online. That way, I know what low-carb and Weight Watcher friendly meals are available.

Well that won’t work for me over the next couple of weeks. I’m dining out for lunch with friends 5 times over the next 8 days. And all but one lunch date, we are deciding where to go at the last-minute.

Isn’t spontaneity grand!

Not a problem. My fallback meal works every time: Hamburger with no bun or toppings and a small garden salad, no dressing.

Why no dressing you ask? I bring my own. That way I control the carb and point count. I’m trying to drop pounds…no need to be shy.

If no healthy salad is available, I simply get a side veggie and ask that it be cooked without oil, butter or sugar. Again, it puts me in control.

Most restaurants get that people are trying to lose weight and will accommodate you. Just be polite about asking and they respond in kind.

And remember, just because it’s called a salad, doesn’t make it healthy.

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