Attacking Flabby Arms – 30-Day Push-Up Challenge

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30-day push up challenge,

My push-up schedule. I’ll end on this calendar’s Day 25. This way I can time each challenge with the beginning of the month.

Since plank position, followed by push-ups, is the bane of my existence, I chose push-ups as my next 30-Day Fitness Challenge. If yoga taught me one thing, it’s I need to build upper body strength.

Plus I’ll rid myself of flabby arm syndrome. Push-ups help build the triceps and deltoids. Building up those muscles helps eliminate that loose skin look causing all that unnecessary jiggling.

So I don’t get those worried phone calls from family (you know who you are!), I’m easing my way into the challenge. How? By doing the sissified version. So instead of starting at 15 push-ups on day one, I start with 3.

Also, I’m cutting the challenge short.

Sacré bleu?

I want to change the cycle so I’m always starting a new challenge on the first of the month. So push-ups it is until October 30. The next challenge begins on November 1.

Oh, and I am counting the push-ups during yoga towards my daily total.


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