Creating My Exercise Cave

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Found! One pink gym bag with weights and a weight lifting book. A sign to start weight training again?

Found! One pink gym bag with weights and a weight lifting book. Just what my exercise domain needs!

I’ve claimed the spare bedroom as an exercise-friendly space! I’m not looking to create a home gym with expensive equipment – our humble Love Shake is just too small. I’m carving out a small, pet-free area with plenty of room for yoga and resistance band routines.

My exercise DVDs, placed strategically next to my iMac,  stand at the ready. The room doesn’t have any shelves, so I stowed my yoga mat and resistance bands neatly in the closet, but within easy to reach.

I cleaned out the room to give me plenty of space for aerobics, weight training and yoga.

The big bonus: No chance of my 4-legged pals diving on me during the downward dog pose (kitty felt frisky that day). I love doors!

The room is pretty ugly, so I’m planning on painting it as soon. I stumbled across this decorating idea online and thought it might be a fun painting project for one of the smaller walls.

While setting up my make shift gym, I remembered my little pink gym bag. I purchased it last year right before my injuries hit.  I used it for one week before my doctor benched me.

I put the pink bag up and never thought of it again until yesterday.

After 30 minutes of searching, I found it at the foot of a full storage closet in the basement. I dusted it and expected to find nothing but dirty gym clothes inside. I picked it up and it weighed a ton.

Just like Cracker Jacks, when I opened the bag I found a prize inside: dumbbells – 2, 3 and 5 lbs.

Perfect timing. I’m now reading New Rules of Lifting for Women.

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