Drop And Give Me 3!

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Thanks to poor upper body strength, I have something in common with T-Rex. Fear not, wall push-ups save the day!

Thanks to poor upper body strength, I have something in common with T-Rex.

It’s day 1 of my truncated Push Up Challenge and it went as expected. Once in the plank position, I tried lowering myself down. I ended up flat on my face.

Not very graceful.

After a few more feeble attempts, I decided to give the modified push up a try.

So how did that go? Ugly!

I didn’t kiss my yoga mat, but my arms could hardly bear my weight. I ended up rushing through 3 half push-ups before rolling over on my back cursing what I got myself into.

Wow, 25 more days of this crap! Time to temper expectations.

A Flaw In The Workout Plan
Clearly, my upper body strength sucks. All my workouts center around cardio fitness and my legs. That’s just a boneheaded move! I weigh 246 lbs., I think my legs get plenty of exercise lugging me around. And cardio fitness is a good thing, but work is sorely missed on the muscle front.

This month’s challenge exposes a serious flaw in my workout routine.

I’m neglecting my arms, chest and abs. Sure I do resistance training with bands – but not consistently. Time to modify my workout schedule and add in 3 days worth of weight training.

I do love my resistance bands – they’re portable and take up very little space. But the amount of resistance is finite. And my house isn’t equipped with wall hooks to expand the types of exercises I can do.

I see free weights in my future.

Revised Push Up Challenge
Not a quitter, I decided to try 3 wall push-ups. While much more challenging than I expected, I could actually do them – barely. Hooray!  I felt stretching in my arms, shoulder and chest.

So here’s the new game plan: focus on the wall push-ups during the challenge, with the goal of moving my feet further away from the wall to increase the intensity (today I stood about 2 feet away). After each week, I’ll try the modified floor push up to check on my progress.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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