Taking A New “After” Photo

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weight loss before and after photo

Down 82 lbs.! I can’t believe I weighed more than 300 lbs. Look for more “after” photos as I continue on my weight loss journey.

I cheated this morning. For some reason, I stepped on the scale. I never weigh myself midweek or use my scale. I always face the scale at a Weight Watchers meeting. And only on the weekend.

After yesterday’s 2 hour workout, I woke up feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. I needed to go open my presents now.

So I stepped on the scale and saw I lost 2.6 lbs. so far this week. If that holds (or improves) by weigh-in day, then that means I’ve lost 25% of my original body weight.

I’m cautiously optimistic.

Oh, hell I’m ecstatic!  So much so I decided it’s time for another “after” picture. My husband snapped my  last “after” photo 7 months ago when I weighed 260 lbs. Unofficially as of this morning I’m 243.6 – a loss of 16.4 lbs since that first “after” photo. Nice!

Looking at the March and October photos, I can see a slight difference in my torso. I’ll love documenting the weight loss with pictures. Photos every 6 seems about right. Next time I’ll break out the good camera, not the one on my iPhone.

Fingers crossed that those numbers either hold or improve by this weekend for the real weigh-in.

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