Taking A New “After” Photo

weight loss before and after photo

Down 82 lbs.! I can’t believe I weighed more than 300 lbs. Look for more “after” photos as I continue on my weight loss journey.

I cheated this morning. For some reason, I stepped on the scale. I never weigh myself midweek or use my scale. I always face the scale at a Weight Watchers meeting. And only on the weekend.

After yesterday’s 2 hour workout, I woke up feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. I needed to go open my presents now.

So I stepped on the scale and saw I lost 2.6 lbs. so far this week. If that holds (or improves) by weigh-in day, then that means I’ve lost 25% of my original body weight.

I’m cautiously optimistic.

Oh, hell I’m ecstatic!  So much so I decided it’s time for another “after” picture. My husband snapped my  last “after” photo 7 months ago when I weighed 260 lbs. Unofficially as of this morning I’m 243.6 – a loss of 16.4 lbs since that first “after” photo. Nice!

Looking at the March and October photos, I can see a slight difference in my torso. I’ll love documenting the weight loss with pictures. Photos every 6 seems about right. Next time I’ll break out the good camera, not the one on my iPhone.

Fingers crossed that those numbers either hold or improve by this weekend for the real weigh-in.

Weekly Weigh-In: Slightly Bloated

Thanks to water retention, no change in weight this week.

Thanks to water retention, no change in weight this week.

Yesterday my fingers swelled slightly and my ankles puffed up a bit. That continued this morning, right on cue for my weekly weigh-in. Awesome.

Thanks to the water retention and my pig-out fest on Wednesday, I feared the scale this morning.

Turns out I’m up 0.2 lbs. So basically the same as last week. I’ll take it. I lost nearly 8 lbs and I kept it off. I’m happy.

Weight Loss Lesson Of The Week
Eating right every meal except for one this week didn’t upset the apple cart. That’s why it’s important to get back on track immediately.

I’m expecting water evaporation in a few days. So I’m hopeful the scale will show me some love next Saturday.

Weekly Weigh-In: Down 7.6 Pounds, Baby!

Below 250 lbs for the first time in 10 years! Bye-bye plateau.

Below 250 lbs for the first time in 10 years! Bye-bye plateau.

When I woke up this morning, I had a great feeling about stepping on the scale.  I arrived at my Weight Watcher’s meeting to find the building empty.


Then I remembered that the meeting relocated due to renovations. But I couldn’t remember where. Thankfully, my trusty Weight Watchers app pointed me to the temporary place.  Come hell or high water, I was stepping on that scale today!

I arrived with a few minutes to spare. I stepped on the scale and experienced my second shock that morning. I knew I’d lost some weight, maybe a couple of pounds. Ha! I dropped nearly 8 lbs. this week. I did a little happy dance as I stepped off the scale.

After 4 months of battling this plateau – bouncing between 252 – 255 lbs – I finally broke through the 250 lbs. barrier. I feel awesome.

When I started this little journey, I set a goal of losing 185 lbs.  I knew I needed to break my weight loss into smaller chunks so as not to feel overwhelmed. I settled on 5% increments. So when I started, 5% of my total body weight was 15 lbs…10% equaled 30 lbs total, and so on – very doable chunks.

Since January, I set my sights on hitting 250 lbs. The last time I weighed 250 was my wedding more than 10 years ago. So 250 a milestone?  Oh, a big one.

I’ve finally crossed the my weight loss Rubicon!

My total weight loss is now 78 lbs. I am 4 lbs. shy of losing 25% of my body weight.

Well, if 250 lbs. is my Rubicon, then hitting 200 lbs. is my white whale (just without the personal destruction).

Happy hunting!

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