Celebrating Weight Loss Without The Calories

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I’m looking to celebrate my weight loss milestones with food-free rewards. Image courtesy of pakorn and FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer last night. We ended up eating out and decided to make a night of it and celebrate my weight loss.

The good news is that I stayed in control and ate healthy. I only used 12 Weight Watchers points, leaving me with a enough points for wine.  The even better news is after the evening’s festivities I started thinking about food-free celebrations.

Most celebrations and get-togethers involve food and alcohol. As I continue my march towards my goal weight, I’m going to hit more milestones, and some not necessarily related to how much I weigh.  Food and alcohol are probably not the smartest ways to celebrate getting healthy.

As part of my weekly goals, I’m rewarding myself with little things if I’m successful, like an e-book or streaming a movie via Netflix. My makeover was a great way to celebrate dropping 25% of my body weight. But what happens when I hit other milestones?

So I started writing down rewards for major successes on my weight loss journey.

Dot’s Food-Free Weight Loss Celebration Ideas

  1. Every 5 lbs. lost – New workout music
  2. Finish 5x 5K races this year – New walking shoes
  3. Successfully complete 90-day food tracking challenge – Buy new Fit Book
  4. Every 25 lbs. lost – Buy new clothes
  5. Lose 100 lbs. – Full day at a spa
  6. Weigh-in at 200 lbs. – Start training for Tough Mudder
  7. Run in a 5K – Spa manicure & pedicure
  8. Reach Goal Weight – Go on a trip

How do you celebrate your weight loss?

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