Weight Loss Makeover: Time For A Fun And Sassy Hairdo

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After losing 80 lbs., I was ready for a new hairstyle that mirrored how I felt on the inside – fun and sassy! I just didn’t know what to do.

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In my defense, I air dried it and just got back from a long walk in very humid weather.

My hair became unmanageable. Long and thick, my hair took over an hour to dry and style. It lacked volume, the color faded and it frizzed out every time I used a blow dryer.

I started keeping it in a ponytail. Everyday. It was the only way to contain it.

Worst of all, I looked older than my age.

Once again I called on the Glam Squad – my friends and makeover pros Julie and Claire – for much-needed help.

Medium Wavy Style
Julie recommended I go with look that took 4 inches off, added curls and bounce. Plus she wanted layers – a great way to add volume, soften the lines around my face, as well as feel lighter and cooler.

As for color, Julie and Claire urged me to go darker and add in highlights for contrast and create a shading effect.


Julie recommended a stylist she worked with at a wedding and scheduled my appointment.

weight loss hairstyle makeover, new hairstyle reward for weight loss

Me with the fabulous Jenny just before applying my new dark, sexy color.

The Perfect Hair
I arrived at the salon a few minutes early. After checking in and putting a smock on, the receptionist promptly asked if I’d like a glass of wine.

This was my type of salon!

Just as my glass arrived I met Jenny, my hair makeover stylist.  She was great! Jenny walked me through the Glam Squad’s suggested cut and showed me how it would frame my face.

I told her my only concern was being able to duplicate the look once I left the salon. Let’s face it, Jenny isn’t doing my hair every morning. That’s my job and I’m terrible at it.

Jenny promised to walk me through the style phase and show me just how easy it is to maintain.

Then we started talking color. She liked going darker than my original or boxed colors and recommended adding gold highlights on top – right where the patch of gray stood.

What Does It Look Like?

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My new do! I really love the highlights. It’s simple, fun and easy to style.

It took Jenny 3 hours to color, cut and style my hair.

It looked awesome. The color was perfect and my hair felt bouncy and silky.  And it’s incredibly easy to style. All I needed was a curling iron and fingers to tousle the curls for that natural look.

Easy peasy.

Day 2 of my makeover extravaganza down. Up next: From bare face Cover Girl time!

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12 thoughts on “Weight Loss Makeover: Time For A Fun And Sassy Hairdo

  1. Sherry McLaughlin

    I found you by randomly looking for weight loss ideas on you tube. I saw your recommendation of the book “Why we get fat”. So i read it and then some others, and finally it makes sense to me…
    I’ve also been watching your cooking videos. Thank you so much for shading your journey!!!

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