Working Out In The Dressing Room

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Trying on a new workout outfit.

Trying on a new workout outfit. Notice the wind-swept ‘do and wonderfully applied makeup!

While shopping for some new workout wear, I made a point of doing a mini exercise routine in the dressing room.  I needed to see how the clothes moved with my body. If I couldn’t see my upper body, abs or quads move, then the gear’s too loose.

I tested clothes in my current size (18/20) and a size smaller (14/16). I did a couple of squats, bicep curls and mountain climbers, keeping a watchful eye out for anything bunching or revealing.

Two styles of shirts passed the test and three failed.  The Capri leggings fit perfectly.  The best thing about the test: The smaller sized clothes won out!

I ended up buying my new gear at Lane Bryant. I liked what I saw at Old Navy, but my new favorite store just couldn’t beat Lane Bryant’s 40% off everything sale. Cha-ching!!

Also Lane Bryant just rolled out its new TruDry line where the fabric pulls moisture away from your skin. Perfect for sweaty workouts!

I ended up with a couple of Capri leggings, tank tops and tees — all 40% off!




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