Embracing Weight Loss Compliments

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As my weight loss continues, my confidence grew and I happily learned to accept the compliments that come my way.

Yesterday, my hairdresser gave me a wonderful compliment on the weight I lost since the last time we saw each other. I flashed a big smile, thanked her, told her how much I’d lost and completely forgot how sore I was sitting in that chair.

What a difference a year and 82 pounds makes.

Mark Twain was right. You really can live for months on a good compliment.

I couldn’t say the same thing 15 months ago. Then, compliments were like nails on the chalkboard. If someone sang the praises of my waistline, that little voice in my head went straight to my flaws.

“Why did I deserve praise? I’m still a hot mess with a ton of weight to lose.” I felt embarrassed.

Tell Me More About My Eyes
During the last 15 months my confidence and self-image have grown. I can see the difference in my figure, skin, walk and attitude. I get excited about each pound lost and more determined with each gain or plateau.

My confidence grew and that little voice in my head piped down. At first, I learned to smile and say “Thank you.”

Now I embrace the compliments that come my way. And why shouldn’t I?  I work hard on my weight loss and am proud of my accomplishments.  I get excited when people notice.

A few weeks ago, I visited my old workplace to meet a friend for lunch–the same office I left to get healthy.

While waiting in the lobby for my lunch date, I saw many former co-workers. All of them had the same reaction – double take, mouth dropped open, and “Wow, you look great!”

The embarrassment was gone. I returned a conquering hero…and loved every minute of it.


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