Kitchen Battle Royale — Dot vs. Dog

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"Technically speaking I'm in the hallway, not the kitchen."

“Technically speaking I’m in the hallway, not the kitchen.”

There is an ongoing battle in my home. Peekabu, my 100+ pound Old English Sheepdog, loves lying in the kitchen right under my foot. I can’t tell you how many times I trip over her or step on her big paws. I shoo her out of the kitchen and within minutes she inches closer to the action.

Yesterday she was within seconds of getting a jalapeño pepper that rolled off my kitchen island.  Thankfully I got to the pepper in the nick of time.

No matter how often I send her to the living room, she quietly sneaks back into the kitchen. It wouldn’t be so bad if she stayed near the back door (where her water dish is) or near the kitchen entry way. But no, she loves to lie between the island and the sink, where I do my food prep.

I’ve tried a squirt bottle. While a squirt bottle does wonders on the cat, Peekabu just opens her mouth and tries to bite the stream of water coming her way.


After my workout on Monday, I think it’s time for some serious dog whispering!



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