Don’t Want To Overeat? Start With Thanksgiving Day Pledge

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I’m planning to load up on turkey and keep the stuffing in check! (Image: An awesome Turkey with Brown-Sugar Glaze via

Check out the Thanksgiving Pledge over at Keep It Up, David.  He has four simple rules that he follows — no seconds, photograph what you eat, no grazing and exercise on Thanksgiving — plus a simple pledge to make sure he sticks to his rules.

If you’re concerned about overeating on Thursday (and who isn’t?), these rules can really help you keep your eating in check.

I would add no elastic waistbands. Stretchy pants enable you to keep eating. But if you wear jeans, you’ll feel it even if your eyes want you to keep eating. As my grandmother always said, “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.”

So true on Thanksgiving.

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