All I Want For Christmas Is…Awesome Fitness Gear

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What will Santa bring me this year? I just hope it helps me lose weight (Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono and

Last night as I watched Chopped, I decided to work on my list for Santa. When I finished, I realized everything on the list focuses on fitness — either to help me workout, eat right or stay motivated. Hopefully I’m not on the naughty list and some of these items will make it down the chimney to me.

10. New Workout Shoes – This is a tough gift since I need to try on any shoes with my Thorlos (padded socks).  Speaking of Thorlos…

9. Socks! Yoga (toe socks, please!) and Running (padded)

8. Fleece Headband – It’s 39 degrees out and snowing…’nuff said.

7. Camcorder – A bit too pricey for this Christmas, but it is my WISH list.  Good for cooking and workout videos.

6. Gymboss Interval Timer – Need something smaller than my phone that is easy to read.

5. Heart Rate Monitor – I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without one.

4. Biker Shorts – I only have one and it has to be washed after each session. I need another to slow wear and tear.

3. Paleo Comfort Foods: Homestyle Cooking for a Gluten-Free Kitchen – I’m not gluten-free (the hubby might be), but the recipes look yummy!

2. Touch Screen Friendly Gloves – One of my cold weather wish list items that allows me to easily use my iPhone.

1. Cold Weather, Waterproof Jacket

The jacket is top on my list, but also the most difficult, and not because I’ll need to try it on before buying it (sort of ruins Christmas morning). I’ve avoided buying jackets since I’m losing the weight. As the fat keeps coming off, any jacket will only be used for a few months before being replaced next season. But I need something for winter workouts that’s low-cost. This is the toughie.

I’m not expecting to find all 10 items under my Christmas tree, but hopefully this points Santa in the right direction.

What’s on your wish list?

2 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is…Awesome Fitness Gear

  1. Lots of great Christmas gifts! I’m surprised that I don’t want anything fitness related for Christmas usually. Maybe I am too impulsive – Usually I just jump in and buy it! This year I’m asking for one of those aquaponic fish tanks – The ones where you put a beta fish in there and the waste feeds an herb garden at the top, and the herb garden keeps the tank naturally clean. Sounds weird but looks like fun! And of course I’m always asking for clothes because my mom has great taste and always finds me stuff I love.

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