Marcellus Wallace Was Right. Pride Only Hurts.

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Marcellus understands how pride never helps only hurts!

Marcellus understands how pride never helps you…it only hurts!

I just finished up the long run part of my 5K interval training, and I completely screwed the pooch by not pacing myself.

I started off great – a nice slow pace – for the first ½ mile. My intervals are set for a 20 second run and 40 second walk. Am I going to set records at that pace? No, but I am a newb when it comes to running.

For some reason, I started thinking (first bad sign) that it was too easy and I wasn’t pushing myself.  I could go faster. And I did.

By the half way point I felt great and I wasn’t out of breath.  Then I turned the corner and realized my mistake.

The rest of the way home was uphill.

That, my friend, is pride screwing with me.  I didn’t think about the back half of the trail. I used all my energy and reserves before I hit the hill.

During the climb my legs felt like lead. I was huffing and puffing. Each 20-second run felt more like 20 minutes.

At the top of the incline I hit a wall.

Exhausted and desperately trying to catch my breath, I ended up walking during the last 3 20-second intervals.

Marcellus Wallace was right — “Pride only hurts. It never helps. You fight through that sh#%.”

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