Breaking Free Of Breakfast Box

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low carb breakfast without eggs

I love eggs but need more variety for my low carb breakfast. Time to rethink what to eat in the morning. (Image: koko-tewan and

I’m trying to come up with low carb breakfast ideas that don’t include eggs. Don’t get me wrong I love eggs. It’s just they’re on the menu nearly every morning. It seems like the main ingredient for the most important meal of the day include eggs — Omelets, quiches, fritters.

I am eggless on my weight training days. I need to carb up for those workouts so a bowl of Kashi GoLean works. If not Kashi then I’m eating steel-cut oatmeal or Greek yogurt with fruit. Yummy and a nice break.

But for non-weight training days I need something low carb, high protein. So no grains.

I think I need to break free of the breakfast mindset. Who says you can’t eat a 3-bean chili in the morning? Or a grilled chicken salad?

I checked out a couple of paleo sites, but nearly all recipes called for eggs. However some ideas intrigued me, like soup or making a BLT sandwiched between slices of bell pepper instead of bread.

I did find a recipe for grain salad with blueberries and hazelnuts, thinking it would add more variety when I do my muscle workouts. But when I ran the numbers the net carb count, 46g, was too high. Heck, that’s nearly half my carbs on my weight training days.  I’m still adding the recipe in my database. It looks tasty.

How do you break free from eggs in the morning?

2 thoughts on “Breaking Free Of Breakfast Box

  1. Dot

    Ooh, hot pepper cheese is yummy! And I like the idea of having it on turkey. I’m in a pickle because I’m doing Weight Watchers, but I’m also carb counting so not all fruits or veggies are zero points in my book. I love bananas but one is 27g of carbs. When I eat a banana it’s blended into my protein shake and only enjoyed right after my muscle workout…my body just burns it all up.

  2. My eggs were REALLY expired when I went to make breakfast this morning so I had a piece of hot pepper cheese with some shaved turkey on top. I ate a banana too since it’s zero points on WW.

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