Keeping The Weight Off By Avoiding Holiday TLC

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TLC will unleash the evil Cookie Monster within.

TLC will unleash the evil Cookie Monster within.

I’m half way through the most dangerous time of the year for overeating! And for the next 2 days I’m baking lots of cookies while trying to seriously avoid a little something I like to call TLCtasting, licking, chewing.

TLC is real my friends. Try tasting one brownie and you’ll end up eating 10. Lick the mixing spoon and you’ll unleash the Cookie Monster from the ninth ring of hell.

So why invite the lion’s den into my kitchen? I love baking and don’t get to do it very often. Baking is a great stress reliever. I tend to overeat when I stress out. But when I bake, I don’t pig out on what I’m making.

…Unless I taste, lick or chew.

What awesome treats am I baking?
I actually kicked off my bakeorama early this morning with a double cherry pie. As for the cookies, I’m making the world’s best fudge brownies (oh, they are), lemon wreath cookies and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

I’m baking all day Saturday and Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon I’m packing and shipping all cookies.

What’s my plan while I bake the delectable treats?

  1. Eat before I start baking – reduces the risk of nibbling.
  2. My husband volunteered to serve as the designated taster!
  3. I’m using food prep gloves – once gloved, my hands never go near my mouth.
  4. Bake the brownies first – my sweet tooth doesn’t kick in until the afternoon.
  5. Track all incidences of TLC.

Plus I plan to workout both days. My knee feels great so besides yoga I thought I’d get in some 5K training on Saturday and a long walk on Sunday.  But that does leave my husband alone with the cookies.

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