Can My Day Get Any Crappier?

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With so much to do before our trip, today was particularly stressful. I tried to cram too many projects into one day. Now I’m paying the price.

I didn’t eat bad…yet.  Both my breakfast and lunch were light, but I missed my morning and afternoon snack. Not a good sign for dinner.

I also missed my workout.

That was the worst. I tried to do too many things today and just couldn’t make it to my session on time.

So I added one more item to my to do list: catch the evening spin class.

The highlight of my day was a trip to a shopping center (something I never do this time of year in the age of Amazon) to get my hair done. It was the first time since 4:30 this morning I didn’t feel pulled in 50 different directions.

The salon was the little slice of fried gold in my chaotic life today.

And yes, I did have wine while I touched up my roots.  Just a glass. I didn’t even finish it I felt so guilty.

My day took a turn for the worse as I learned it takes 90 minutes to drive the 4 miles from my salon to the gym. So much for evening spin class. Crap!

Anyway, back to the food problem. Here it is nearly 7:00 p.m. I’m starving. I now need to run out to the grocery store to pick up something to cook (but first I need to gas up the car to get to the store).

My ever supportive husband just suggested pizza.


This video sums up my day…

Oh yeah, I’m the cat.

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