Weight Loss And Accessory Fashion Frets

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In my 40+ years, I’ve never been big on accessorizing my look. Mostly because I’ve never really had a look I wanted to cultivate. But with great weight loss comes a whole new attitude.

So now I find myself thumbing through fashion magazines, doing a lot more window shopping and adding a line item for clothes in our monthly budget.

Paralysis By Analysis
While I’m excited about fashion, I find that I spend most of my time looking, not buying. I want to be fashionable, but I get obsessed reading all the different tips out there (and there are plenty) and I’m afraid of making a blunder.

I still think of myself as someone who weighs over 300 pounds, so I’m too cautious about attracting attention. No matter how great something looks on me and goes perfect with an outfit, I won’t buy it.  I just think I’m way too fat to try something new. Ugh! How annoying.

I thought I drop-kicked those bad thoughts after my fashion makeover. Nope, they still pop up now and again…and again. Usually when I’m not eating healthy.

Sam Moon – Accessory Heaven
While in Texas, my sister and mother took me to Sam Moon for a little shopping excursion.

I’ve written about the wonder that is Sam Moon before. At this Texas-based store you’ll find great handbags, jewelry, scarves, hats and shoes.

Thanks to a gift card from my brother, I had funds to spend on little ol’ me! Oh, and did I spend.

First up — purses! I decided I needed a red purse to help make a couple of my outfits pop. And I found this fun handbag. The gem at the top sealed the deal. The size of a doorknob, it turns to open and close the purse. Sweet!

red purse

Then my sister pointed out a snake skin handbag that matched my shoes.

Of course, I had to get it.

snake purse

One of my favorite outfits is a pair of blue jeans, black sweater, blue scarf and Softspot Maria snake print shoes. This purse was the punch the outfit needed.

From there, I strolled over to the scarves. I love scarves and only have two in my closet. It was time to add a few into my rotation.

scarvesI loved the prints and colors on these scarves. Two of the scarves go with nearly everything in my closet. The pink scarf, while I love it, really only goes with one outfit. But something tells me that will change come spring.

I do love pins and decided to pick up a few.

pinsI loved the color the mask provided and with Mardi Gras season coming up, I couldn’t resist. The pearl and silver grape pin is prefect for some upcoming wine tastings. The peacock pin goes well with my peacock earrings and the big chunky piece is just pretty.

There were so many necklaces, but my gift card had its limit. I ended up with three necklaces, two of which came with matching earrings (bonus!).

necklacesThe blue and silver necklace has some weight to it and I hate the feel of heavy necklaces. But trying it on, it felt great and didn’t pull on the back of my neck. The orange beaded necklace really pops and goes great with a lot of my outfits.

Of the three, I had the most doubts about the copper-colored necklace. I think I looked at it five different times before picking it up. It’s so pretty, but short. I don’t like anything tight-fitting around my neck. If it’s too snug, I’ll start tugging at it.

Oh um, did I mention the necklace is pretty? I tried it on and yes, I did pull on it a few times, but I liked how it looked so much I decided I needed to break my tugging habit. It took a few hours, wearing the necklace until I forgot about it, but it worked.

Finally the one item I never thought I would actually buy — a hat.  I’ve always loved hats, especially loved women’s hats from the 20s and 30s. But I never thought I looked good wearing them.  Mustering a courage I hardly knew I possessed, I tried on nearly every style of hat in the store. I liked many of the hats, but I kept on coming back to this brown cloche.

brown hat

Some good news: the cat liked it too!  I think more hats are on the horizon. They’re just too much fun not to wear.

cat hat

Thanks to my shopping excursion, my fear of accessories is gone.  It’s too much fun trying on each item and figuring out what goes best with which outfit. And if I make a mistake, oh well. That just means I need to try again.

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