Simple Start Week 1: Lost 7 Pounds!!!

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Dropped 7.2 pounds this week thanks to Simple Start and a whole lot of water retention.

Dropped 7.2 pounds this week thanks to Simple Start and a lot of water retention.

It turns out that Simple Start is a great way to shake up my diet. I ended my first week on the plan by dropping 7.2 pounds. That puts my total weight loss at 94 pounds!

Oh, I know most of the weight was the water retention from my sore muscles, but I’m still going to celebrate this one. Seven pounds in one week is a lot.

I set a short-term goal of weighing 200 pounds by the end of April. Thanks to today’s loss, I’ve got 31 pounds to go with 15 weeks left.

A pretty sound start to the year!

Simple Start: Week 1 Observations
My worries about going over my daily carb limit were missed placed. Under Simple Start I got to re-introduce certain types of carbs back into the wild my diet.

Light English muffins, shredded wheat, sweet potatoes, rice…these are not typical Dot2Trot fare.

The old me loaded up on that type of food and my waistline ballooned.

The new me combines the right amount of protein, healthy fat and produce with those carbs. I found myself filling up quickly and didn’t feel hungry between meals. Overeating wasn’t a problem. The program is as advertised.

The big bonus — no cravings!  I love me some bread, so I feared the English muffins. My test was to only eat them with the designated meals. I planned to trash the muffins if I even thought about eating them as a snack!  Thankfully those delicious nooks and crannies didn’t pose any danger to me.

During the week I tracked and measured everything I ate. I know you don’t have to with Simple Start, but when I track and measure I lose weight. It took me forever to create those habits and I’m not going to lose them now.

When choosing the menu items for the week I paired everything with my training schedule, especially muscle workouts. Thanks to some strained leg muscles, I only worked out twice and ended up altering my menu towards more lower carb (50g daily) fare.

Simple Start’s flexibility allowed me to cut back on carbs without feeling cheated of great meals or flavors.

Bravo Weight Watchers!

I’m looking forward to trying some of the other dishes on the program. Just not any pasta dishes. I know I am not ready for pasta.

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    • Thanks. I’m with you, but decided to give it a try since it’s just a 2 week program. Also, after Christmas I figured it would be a good jump start after the holidays and it was. Next week I’m back to my routine.

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