Sometimes Life Gets In The Way

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Midtown Kabob's gyro wraps are large and tasty! Thankfully I only ate half.

Midtown Kabob’s gyro wraps are large and tasty! Thankfully I only ate half.

I just need to lose 2 more pounds to bring my total weight loss to 100 pounds. So you think with that milestone looming, I’d be at the top of my game this week. Think again.

Yesterday all I had to do was make a salad for lunch before heading out to the salon. Then I remembered I needed to fold the laundry. Thinking I had more than enough time before leaving the house, I headed to the laundry room. Besides, I wasn’t hungry (yet).

After the laundry, the dogs needed to go out and their water bowl filled. With the dogs taken care of, I noticed the dishes in the sink and promptly loaded the dishwasher. Then I remembered I needed to take my meds and multivitamins. Washing down the capsules, I spilled water and needed to change my shirt. By the time I looked at the clock, I realized I had less than 20 minutes to get to my salon.

No time for salad now.

I thought about hitting the drive thru at McDonald’s. My hair appointment would last nearly 3 hours, so I needed to eat. Common sense took hold for a moment and I skipped Mickey Ds.

What my growling stomach didn’t skip was Midtown Kabob across from the salon. My brain knew I could order a chicken kabob with veggies and no rice. Well my brain didn’t order. My stomach did. A gyro.  Oh, and not your ordinary gyro. The biggest gyro I’ve ever seen. Starving, I devoured half of it. It tasted so good. I don’t know how, but I stopped myself from ripping into the other half. Rather than feeling full, I told myself I was and trashed the rest of the gyro.

Not exactly a healthy meal, but if I’m going to break bad, I’d rather it was the gyro and not a crappy burger and fries from McDonald’s.

Sometimes your best plans go awry. What’s important is I only ate half a gyro and the very next meal I had my healthy salad.  I know it’s impossible to eat healthy every meal — and some slips are OK? If half a gyro is my only slip this week, I’ll take it.

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  2. And I sooo believe that even with the best of intentions, we sometimes sabotage ourselves when just about to reach our goal–b/c the thought of reaching it leaves a void. What next? 🙂

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