Weekly Weigh-In: No Gain, Moderate Pain

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My weight stayed the same this week. Well, at least I didn't go up!

My weight stayed the same this week. Well, at least I didn’t go up!

Nothing too exciting to report from my weigh-in on Saturday.  I didn’t lose or gain any weight. I’m still at 223 pounds. I did experience some mild knee pain early in the morning, but it disappeared once I started moving. I chalked it up to morning stiffness.

That changed once I hit the grocery store.  The knee pain came back with abandon. Why? My 2-inch heels on my feet.

Sigh…yes my knee is healing, but not enough where I can wear anything but sneakers.

This morning I did decide to try my first spin class in two weeks – the 30-minute beginners class. I could immediately tell the two-week break from spin was good.  Sprints and seated climbs were pain-free and I heard fewer popping sounds.  I wish I could say the same for standing climbs. I could stand for about a minute before the knee started hurting. So I kept my butt in the saddle most of the time, standing every 5 minutes to give my tush a 30 second break from the seat.

I made it through the class and felt so good I decided to go 20 minutes longer. I loved getting in some cardio. The walks are good, but this got my heart pumping. Hopefully I can do another session on the bike this week.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In: No Gain, Moderate Pain

    • Glad you enjoy the blog. 10k a day is awesome! Keep in mind that there are workouts you can do without the gym. YouTube has awesome workouts you can try. I use the Fitness blend channel. Also lots of free yoga online too! I went the gym route because 1. I want to do body building and my resistance bands only took me so far, and 2. Great discount from my hubby’s job — gyms aren’t cheap. Good luck!

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