4 thoughts on “Why Diet’s Fail? Expiration Dates

  1. I heartily agree to this! I keep allowing myself to think that I’ll never be able to eat “yummy food” whenever I want to go on a diet, but usually this just ends up with binge eating and not caring anymore. I’m tired of going through that cycle. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thanks! It took me years (25 to be exact) for me to realize diets don’t work. I was asked recently at a Weight Watchers meeting if I miss any foods I’ve given up. I thought it was a funny question because I don’t think I’m giving up anything because what I’m getting in return (better health, more energy, skinny clothes, being more active) is 1000% better than any potato chip or plate of pasta. Thinking you are “giving up” certain foods is the diet mentality drilled into us by the weight loss industry. Once I made the full commitment to changing my life, I never felt deprived.

      • That’s so awesome how your point of view changed! I’m going to keep thinking on what you said. Yeah, it seems it’s all about “giving up” something rather than gaining something better.

      • The 2 things you need for weight loss: 1) A sense of urgency and 2) A belief in yourself. Once you have that changing your mindset from “I’m on a diet” to “I’m embracing a new lifestyle” is doable.

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