Lost 3.5 Inches Since January

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Saturday was the mid-point check-in for the 2014 Gold’s Gym Challenge. It was time for the Challenge Gods to take a look at my progress. Considering my plateau, the results are pretty awesome. Since January 6 I lost 18.9 pounds and 3.5 inches.

march meassurements

I’ve noticed that my jeans are very loose these days. Dropping 2.5 inches off my waist and hips will do that. I’m not quite ready for a smaller size just yet, but maybe by the end of the challenge.

I dropped two inches off my chest. No wonder I had a huge drop on my bra band size. It was great to see movement in my upper arm too. Clearly the focus on my upper body since the knee injury is what caused these big changes.

Speaking of that blasted knee, I gained 2 inches on my thighs. Ugh!

So either the measurement in January was wrong (ha!) or that knee injury is the culprit.  Last week was the first time my legs got a real workout since the knee injury and it was pretty light. With my knee feeling good, my leg workouts will get more intense over the next few weeks.

The final challenge measurements are in 6 weeks. I doubt I’ll lose those extra inches on my thighs by then, but hopefully I’ll start seeing progress in the right direction.

I did get some cool challenge news yesterday. My trainer told me that I’m one of the weight loss leaders at our gym. Sweet! With running now back into the mix (oh, yesterday’s run was awesome and pain-free!) and eating 20g of carbs a day, I’m hoping to see some nice results on the scale next Saturday.

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