Mine Is A Healthy Pale Straw. What’s The Color Of Your…

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Are you dehydrated or drinking too much water? Did you eat beets or blueberries? Do you have an infection? Eating way too much protein? Apparently, your urine has a color for that!

Here’s an interesting infographic courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic. Urine can appear in different colors and that color can tell a lot about your body and health.

Since I changed to a low carb lifestyle and replaced soda with water, my urine went from a dark yellow to now a pale straw. So I’m healthy and hydrated. Sweet!

Color aside, I’ll find out in about a week how healthy I really am when I see my doctor for my annual physical. Last week I visited my doc’s office to pee in a cup, which it turns out, is what the Cleveland Clinic is promoting its infographic. It was my urine sample that set me on my weight loss journey. The lab work showed too much sugar in my urine (something the color can’t tell you) – a tell-tale sign I was at risk for diabetes.

Who knew peeing in a cup would change my life?


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