CarbFest Over The Weekend; Time To Reboot Diet

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Image courtesy of KEKO64 and

Image courtesy of KEKO64 and

I’m not sure what got into me, but while ordering lunch at a restaurant I skipped my usual grilled chicken salad with oil and vinegar. I went straight for the bacon cheeseburger (with bun) and fries.  It was my first burger and fries in more than 8 months. It was glorious!

That began my spiral on Saturday — a day filled with popcorn, pizza cravings and late night pancakes.

Maybe it was the warm, sunny weather over the weekend. Or maybe I was long over due for a binge.

The good news is that by Sunday it was over and I went back to my low carb life easily. This morning, still no carb cravings. I even stepped on the scale today to get an idea of the damage done by CarbFest 2014.  I’m still at 220.

I don’t think my body entered some magical realm where I can binge every so often without consequences.  I dodged a bullet, that’s it. While I ate foods I don’t normally eat, my good habits kicked in like muscle memory. I ate until I was satisfied, not full (yes, I left a lot of fries on the plate).  I practice portion control, ate a healthy dinner, and said no to my pizza cravings.

Come Sunday morning I was back on track and finished the day eating 20g of carbs.

The last few weeks I’ve felt frustrated. This little weight loss plateau is maddening. Maybe CarbFest was my way to rebel…or shock the hell out of my system.

Today I have a bit of a spring in my step and am itching to go for a run this morning (errands got in the way of running this weekend). I feel more motivated than I have in a while.

I will not say that CarbFest won’t happen again. In fact, I know will. No one’s perfect. It’s just nice to know that my new, good eating habits are taking hold…and I’m not kicking myself for the bender.

3 thoughts on “CarbFest Over The Weekend; Time To Reboot Diet

  1. It’s so great to see someone have a “carb attack” but then jump right back to where you were on your healthy track. I still have a hard time getting completely away from certain foods (like my coffee mochas… ugh they’re so good), so it’s really hard to even have one good day. But I’m working on it.

    • I’ve been at it for 2 years and it took awhile to build up the good eating habits and minimize the bad ones. Oh those coffee drinks are killer! The only healthy thing at Starbucks is black coffee or unsweetened tea. Thankfully I’m a tea drinker. Good luck. Just keep plugging away. It too me awhile and soon enough you’ll have more good days than bad.

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