Lost 3.5 Inches Since January

Saturday was the mid-point check-in for the 2014 Gold’s Gym Challenge. It was time for the Challenge Gods to take a look at my progress. Considering my plateau, the results are pretty awesome. Since January 6 I lost 18.9 pounds and 3.5 inches.

march meassurements

I’ve noticed that my jeans are very loose these days. Dropping 2.5 inches off my waist and hips will do that. I’m not quite ready for a smaller size just yet, but maybe by the end of the challenge.

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Lost 2.5 Inches Since September

I entered Gold’s Gym 2014 Challenge and weighed in on Saturday. While I wasn’t thrilled with wearing a two-piece for the photo, I was very happy to see I lost some inches since the last time I measured myself.

jan 4 measurement

I lost a total of 2.5 inches. Finally some movement on my thighs – 2 inches down.

As for the inch off my chest, that explains why my sports bras no longer give the support I need.

I think the differences with my hips and waist has more to do with a Gold’s trainer taking my measurements vs. trying to measure myself (not always easy). I’m assuming Gold’s is more accurate.

Gold’s didn’t measure my upper arm, so I did that myself. I plan to have the husband remeasure since I my cat kept tugging on my measuring tape. While I can see more muscle definition, I don’t think I added a half-inch of muscle.

golds frontAbout That Photo…
No, I’m not being held for ransom. I had to hold up Saturday’s Washington Post for proof that I weighed in on January 4th.

For the photo, I opted for shorts and a sports bra. All of my swim suits are too big and workout gear seems more appropriate anyway.

And yes, Gold’s did take a photo of me from behind but I wanted to spare you.

Maybe in 12 weeks, once I have the after photos I’ll share that one.

2.5 Inches Closer To Size 20

I’m measuring myself every month. The scale is a great snap shot of where I’m at on the day I step on it. But my body measurements give a more complete picture of my weight loss journey.

Today, good news in two areas.

Sept 16 MeasurementsMy waist and hips carry the bulk of my weight. So it’s no surprise that’s where I see movement.  I lost an inch off the waist and 1.5 inches from my hips. All other parts remain the same…again.

I’m very happy with the numbers. But of course, when I don’t see movement in other areas, I start kicking myself.

While we can’t pick which body parts the pounds come off, a part of me can’t help but think that the knee injury slowed progress on my legs. Stupid thought, since I just wrote we can’t target where we lose weight. Truth is, I’m very happy it’s coming from my midsection. Belly fat increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. With these numbers I’m closer to getting off the blood pressure meds.

I’m steadily adding the daily walk back into my routine. The knee feels good.

I’ve also decided to increase the exercise bands from 2 days a week to 3. I’m very happy with my progress, but there is a part of me that worries that I’m not doing enough toning.

I am getting closer to that size 20. This weekend I picked up a few new workout outfits. Normally I reserve shopping like this for hitting milestones. But my current crop of gear has lots of holes and tears. Size 20 fit perfectly. Of course, that’s not too difficult when you’re talking about stretchy pants.

I needed to try on a pair of size 20 non-stretchy pants – also for fun.  Close, but no cigar. The pants fit a bit too tight, but I’ll be back in another 10 lbs.

How Do I Measure Up?

I broke out the measuring tape today. Thanks to the plateau, I’m feeling a bit down. I needed some good news and hoped this would do the trick.

I last measured myself at the end of April. I’m only 2 lbs lighter now, so I was very happy to discover I lost an inch off my arms and hips. Nice!

My Chest, waist and thighs remain the same.

My measurements since the weight loss journey began.

My measurements since the weight loss journey began.

I really need to take my measurements once a month.  The scale is just a moment in time. Seeing my measurements go down is the best way to track my weight loss.

If you’re only relying on the scale to determine your success, I strongly urge you to take your measurements. It is too easy to get frustrated if the scale doesn’t move. I’m bouncing around by a few pounds in either direction for the last month or so. Yet, I still lost inches. That’s something the scale wouldn’t tell me.

Not sure how to take your measurements? Well here’s a little video to show you how it’s done.