Lost 2.5 Inches Since September

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I entered Gold’s Gym 2014 Challenge and weighed in on Saturday. While I wasn’t thrilled with wearing a two-piece for the photo, I was very happy to see I lost some inches since the last time I measured myself.

jan 4 measurement

I lost a total of 2.5 inches. Finally some movement on my thighs – 2 inches down.

As for the inch off my chest, that explains why my sports bras no longer give the support I need.

I think the differences with my hips and waist has more to do with a Gold’s trainer taking my measurements vs. trying to measure myself (not always easy). I’m assuming Gold’s is more accurate.

Gold’s didn’t measure my upper arm, so I did that myself. I plan to have the husband remeasure since I my cat kept tugging on my measuring tape. While I can see more muscle definition, I don’t think I added a half-inch of muscle.

golds frontAbout That Photo…
No, I’m not being held for ransom. I had to hold up Saturday’s Washington Post for proof that I weighed in on January 4th.

For the photo, I opted for shorts and a sports bra. All of my swim suits are too big and workout gear seems more appropriate anyway.

And yes, Gold’s did take a photo of me from behind but I wanted to spare you.

Maybe in 12 weeks, once I have the after photos I’ll share that one.

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