12-Week Fitness Challenge Ends; Lost 9.5 inches since January!

Saturday was my last weigh in for the Gold’s Gym 2014 Challenge and the total results are pretty awesome. I’ve lost 2% of my body fat and 9.2% of my total body weight. The big bonus — I’ve lost 9.5 off my waist and hips. Sweet!

My 12-Week Challenge Results
I started the challenge weighing 239 and ended up at 217. Great overall, but my weight loss slowed considerably during the last 6 weeks of the challenge. I was down just a few pounds. The 5 pound increase over the last couple of weeks really hurt. Lack of tracking was a big part of that slowed weight loss. Read More

Lost 2.5 Inches Since September

I entered Gold’s Gym 2014 Challenge and weighed in on Saturday. While I wasn’t thrilled with wearing a two-piece for the photo, I was very happy to see I lost some inches since the last time I measured myself.

jan 4 measurement

I lost a total of 2.5 inches. Finally some movement on my thighs – 2 inches down.

As for the inch off my chest, that explains why my sports bras no longer give the support I need.

I think the differences with my hips and waist has more to do with a Gold’s trainer taking my measurements vs. trying to measure myself (not always easy). I’m assuming Gold’s is more accurate.

Gold’s didn’t measure my upper arm, so I did that myself. I plan to have the husband remeasure since I my cat kept tugging on my measuring tape. While I can see more muscle definition, I don’t think I added a half-inch of muscle.

golds frontAbout That Photo…
No, I’m not being held for ransom. I had to hold up Saturday’s Washington Post for proof that I weighed in on January 4th.

For the photo, I opted for shorts and a sports bra. All of my swim suits are too big and workout gear seems more appropriate anyway.

And yes, Gold’s did take a photo of me from behind but I wanted to spare you.

Maybe in 12 weeks, once I have the after photos I’ll share that one.

Should I Enter Gold’s 2014 Challenge?

To enter or not to enter?

To enter or not to enter?

In my push to weigh 200 pounds by the end of April, I’m thinking about entering the Gold’s Gym 2014 Challenge contest. On average people lose 12 pounds and 7.5 inches during the 12 week contest. Not that I expect to win the $75,000 in cash prizes, but it might be the motivational push I need to kick my workouts up a notch.

How Does The Contest Work?
After paying the entry fee, my Gold’s trainer takes my measurements and a  head-to-toe “before” photo. Then 12 weeks later my trainer takes the final measurements and an “after” photo to document the results. Each participating Gold’s picks a male and female winner in 5 different age groups that underwent the most transformation. Those local winners are entered into the national contest.

The key — what I do in those 12 weeks between photos is strictly up to me.

I like the idea of a specific date to work towards. But a date and an after photo makes me work 10 times as hard.

Now, About That Photo…
For women, Gold’s recommends wearing a two piece bathing suit for the photos. Yikes!

That’s the only reason why I’m “thinking” about entering and not actually signing up. The last time I wore a two piece was…well, I can’t remember!

Sigh…Maybe it’s time to stop fearing the two piece.

I’m heading over to they gym in about an hour. The challenge is calling to me.

No guts no glory, right?