12-Week Fitness Challenge Ends; Lost 9.5 inches since January!

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Saturday was my last weigh in for the Gold’s Gym 2014 Challenge and the total results are pretty awesome. I’ve lost 2% of my body fat and 9.2% of my total body weight. The big bonus — I’ve lost 9.5 off my waist and hips. Sweet!

My 12-Week Challenge Results
I started the challenge weighing 239 and ended up at 217. Great overall, but my weight loss slowed considerably during the last 6 weeks of the challenge. I was down just a few pounds. The 5 pound increase over the last couple of weeks really hurt. Lack of tracking was a big part of that slowed weight loss.

Weight Waist Hip Thigh % Body Fat
Start 239 lbs. 43.9″ 50″ 25″ 44.3%
Mid-Point 220 lbs. 42″ 49″ 27″
End 217 lbs. 40″ 44″ 28″ 42.3%
Net Difference 22 lbs. 3.5″ 6″ -3″ 2%

But as I always say, the scale doesn’t show the full picture. Combined, I lost 9.5 inches from my hips and waist. My hips really shrunk these last weeks – 5 inches! No wonder my pants don’t fit anymore. Hmmmm…I sense a small shopping trip in my future!

My thighs are a bit perplexing. I’m actually up 3 inches. My trainer thinks I added muscle thanks to my weight lifting, spin and yoga classes, and 5k training. Maybe, but all I can see is the flab. Yuck!

I will say I was very happy with the “after” photos. Clearly a big improvement over the before images (especially the hair).


before golds


after golds

The Gold’s challenge is a competition and I’m not expecting to win my age group at my gym. I entered solely for the accountability aspect. I love the fact I had to check in at Gold’s during the challenge. Sure I have my own goals, but it is easy to let them slide on occasion. Actually checking in with a 3rd party keeps you focused on what you need to do, sort of like my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers.

The challenge is something I’d like to do next year. Hopefully I’ll be more focused on muscle-building and toning rather than weight loss.

8 thoughts on “12-Week Fitness Challenge Ends; Lost 9.5 inches since January!

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    • Thank you! I’m planning on a couple of pair of jeans, shorts and new workout gear (mine now have holes in the sides). I’ve tracked for 2 days straight and I can feel the difference — I’m not feeling sluggish or bloated. Clearly I wasn’t eating as healthy as when I track.

      • It’s amazing how much better our choices tend to get when we track all our food, right? I never realize it until I start tracking. When I was doing the whole IE thing I definitely didn’t make the best choices consistently. My taste buds were happy but my body wasn’t totally satisfied.

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