How Do I Measure Up?

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I broke out the measuring tape today. Thanks to the plateau, I’m feeling a bit down. I needed some good news and hoped this would do the trick.

I last measured myself at the end of April. I’m only 2 lbs lighter now, so I was very happy to discover I lost an inch off my arms and hips. Nice!

My Chest, waist and thighs remain the same.

My measurements since the weight loss journey began.

My measurements since the weight loss journey began.

I really need to take my measurements once a month.  The scale is just a moment in time. Seeing my measurements go down is the best way to track my weight loss.

If you’re only relying on the scale to determine your success, I strongly urge you to take your measurements. It is too easy to get frustrated if the scale doesn’t move. I’m bouncing around by a few pounds in either direction for the last month or so. Yet, I still lost inches. That’s something the scale wouldn’t tell me.

Not sure how to take your measurements? Well here’s a little video to show you how it’s done.

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