Woohoo! Down 5.6 Pounds This Week

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I'm officially back on track with this week's 5.6 lbs. weight loss!

I’m officially back on track with this week’s 5.6 lbs. weight loss!

Hot dog! My diet is firing on all cylinders this week. I’ve recovered from that disastrous last two weeks in May. I’m down 5.6 pounds, putting my total weight loss at 112 pounds. That means I’m 13.2 pounds away from weighing 200 pounds, a number I haven’t seen since the end of my freshman year of college.

So the plan is to keep doing what I’ve done. Also I’ve noticed I’m drinking way more water than I was during the 7 pound gain. Clearly jazzing up my tap water is working. I just can’t get enough of that cucumber-mint flavor!

I set a goal of weighing 200 pounds by the end of May, but pushed it back to the end of June. Clearly I’m not going to lose 13 pounds in two weeks…not without starving myself (something I will not do). So rather than a specific date, I’m shooting for mid summer to weigh below 200 pounds.



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