How The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Started

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Not my usual type of post, but the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a true phenom. You may have heard of ALS by its other name, Lou Gehrig’s disease. But how did it start? ESPN did a great feature on a very brave guy — Pete Frates.

If you can’t do the challenge, you can donate here.

2 thoughts on “How The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Started

  1. Linda Ashcraft

    I don’t understand why people think they need to dump water on someone’s head or their own,for that matter.Why can’t we give materially,and,time wise too,to causes that deserve donations without having to resort to ‘gimmicks’ and stuff kids might do??For those who want to do this,go for it,but we shouldn’t need someone ‘challenging’ us to do this or that to give to a cause we believe in.

    • If you watched the video at the link, the guy who started this (Pete Frates who has ALS), is the one who decided to issue the challenge to his friends. Sure it’s a gimmick, but the truth is that’s why it went viral and ALSA was able to raise over $41 million in such a short time. It’s something fun to catch peoples attention. Most people have never heard of ALS until this challenge. You can’t give if you don’t know it exists. Lots of nonprofits do these types of challenges to raise awareness and dollars.

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