Potato Chips: My Weight Loss Waterloo?

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I arrived in Texas (visiting mom) Saturday night and exactly 3 days later I experienced a colossal failure in my ongoing battle of the bulge. While grocery shopping with mom, she picked up a couple of bags of Lays potato chips. She asked if this would be a problem. I assured her no — I’ve got my eating habits locked down. So bags of chips in the same house with me is no problem, right?

By Tuesday the chips were gone. Sigh…

Potato Chips = Weight Loss Kryptonit
When it comes to weight loss, there are 10 foods that are my known Kryptonites (I’ll have a post on my Top 10 in a couple of days). Potato chips rank near the top.

I cannot refuse that crunchy feel in my mouth. The deep-fried, salty thin potato sliver calls my name when it’s near me. Growing up in Michigan, we had a Better Made chip factory near our home. We use to “joke” about breaking in with a gallon of dip.

To me there is no greater snack food. I don’t allow them in my house. Two successful years into my weight loss journey I’m too week to refuse potato chips.

I should have asked my mom not to buy those bags. But I’m not the type of person who requires people to eat the way I eat just because I’m visiting. If only she picked up something sweet…

Battling The Chip Monster
I know what you are thinking, but let me assure you, I didn’t eat two bags of chips. I’d never do that (I think). But devouring one bag in less than 30 minutes Monday night…oh hell yeah!

I was so mad at myself. But rather than waste time beating myself up, I vowed to get back on track Tuesday. And I did just that…well, for awhile anyway.

Tuesday morning I woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed…and immediately started thinking about that 2nd bag. Ugh! I promptly headed out into the Texas heat and humidity for a 5 mile walk.

Once I got home, I did Day 9 of my 30-Day Abs Challenge. The thought of busting open that bag of chips popped into my mind as I rolled up my workout mat. D’oh!

All frickin’ day I thought about ripping open that bag. Every time a craving hit, I did something to distract me — play on my iPad, take a walk, go shopping. But the cravings kept coming.

I finally vowed that I’m not opening up that bag. As long as it was sealed, I’d be fine.

I started cooking dinner. I steeled myself when I opened the pantry door. My eyes went straight to the chips (as I expected) and my heart sank. The bag was opened. Oh crap!

I got out the olive oil from the pantry, and quickly closed the door.

Of course, while making dinner, I ended up going into the pantry about a million times. Every time I opened the pantry door, I looked at that damn bag.

Then while chopping my veggies, I heard a little voice say “a few chips won’t hurt…your on vacation…just go running tomorrow…in 90+ degree heat and 90% humidity!”

I wish I was strong enough to tell that little voice to pipe down, but I wasn’t. I actually counted out 15 chips (the serving size) and snacked on them as I chopped. Of course, after the 15 chips were gone, I wanted more. So, I grabbed 3 more chips from the bag. “This is it,” I lied to myself.

While cooking I think I went back to the bag for “just 3 chips” at least 10 more times.

I was out of control and needed help. My husband told me to just toss the bag in the trash. Perfectly reasonable request…except I was out of control. I was actually afraid that wouldn’t stop me from eating them. Yikes!

At that point the hubby announced he was “taking a bullet for the team,” and proceeded to eat the bag of chips in record time (10 minutes).

The sad thing about this whole experience? I watched him eat the chips and thought about how I could sneak a few more. Thankfully he slapped my hands away when I reached for the bag.

So it’s Wednesday morning. My carb binge is over, but the cravings still linger a bit. I’m in Texas for 10 more days. I need to remind myself that I’m never on vacation when it comes to my diet.

I think I need to set a goal to work towards while I’m here. How about weighing less than 200 pounds by the time I’m back in Virginia. Ohhh…I like that one.

7 thoughts on “Potato Chips: My Weight Loss Waterloo?

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  3. I do that with everything that’s bad and not just chips! Any food I like I’ll binge if I let myself garrr!

    This is why I won’t do the tough low carb diets anymore. For me at least anything very no tolerance kills my resolve with the “fail” mentality.

    I found that I still shop proactively and see results saying what I WILL eat and not making a don’t lists.

    Either way the struggle is real!

    • For me its a bit more about environment this time around. Im not in my home and I’m more fighting the whole idea of taking a vacation from eating right. That’s just silly and something I need to unlearn. I do have high carb foods I avoid at the moment. Other foods I’ve learned to control myself. But there are 10 foods specifically I have a hard time with, but I plan on conquering my demons.

      • Good on you!

        Same goals here and atmosphere is exactly right. We vaca’ d recently and I ate terribly!

        The only thing I stuck to was doing a run !

        But I consider that a win compared to how it’s been for a long while 🙂

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