Am I Overly Paranoid About My Knee & Running?

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Last Wednesday, about a mile into my 5-mile walk, I attempted a run. I wanted to match my successful run before our trip to Texas. I knew the Texas heat would make it a tough run, but I had to try. As soon as I started running I felt a slight pain around the upper part of my knee. Actually, I’m not even sure if “pain” is the right word. It was more annoying than painful.

Either way it didn’t feel right.

I stopped running after about 1/8th of a mile and started walking again. Ugh! I became so frustrated with myself. Not because of my knee. I started thinking that I was using my knee as an excuse to stop. It was awfully hot out (91 degrees/80% humidity). Was I just taking the easy way out because of a little discomfort in my knee? Or was my caution a smart move?

By mile 4 I noticed that the sidewalks I used were slanted. It felt like I was constantly leaning to my right or left at a 30 degree angle during my walk.

So I righted myself by taking my walk to the street and got the crazy idea to try running again. Sure enough my knee felt fine. However the Texas heat kicked my butt and I ended up running only 1/2 a mile.

Is My Knee Injured Or Just Recovering?
I laced up again on Friday for a run. Once again it was hot and muggy, and my knee felt sore during my initial warm up walk. So I extended my warm up another mile. That seemed to work. I ended up running farther (1.25 miles) and faster (13:42 minute mile) than I have before. Sweet!

But success has its price — by mid afternoon my knee was the size of a grapefruit…sigh.

Two Weeks Of Swelling & Popping Sounds
Lately I’ve experienced swelling in my knee and lots of popping noises during squats and lunges.

My knee problems started about two week ago. In my spin class I decided to really push my resistance level. For the last few weeks, I’ve topped out at level 14. Two weeks before we left for Texas, I really wanted to push myself and upped my resistance to level 17 (the bike goes to 20). It was hard as hell and I felt great during the class. But later that day, while walking 6 miles, I felt my knee became stiff and sore.

During my lower body workout the next day, the popping noises started back up.

After that session my trainer suggested limiting myself to upper body workouts and cutting back on walks to let my knee recover. I still cycled, but focused on endurance with a light to moderate resistance.

Last Wednesday was the first day my knee felt fine. So of course, when I started running, it acted up…or did it? Was it really the slanted sidewalks or did my knee need a lot of warming up (and if so, why)?

I really don’t know if I have a problem or if what I experienced is par for the course after resting a sore, swollen, stiff knee. It’s frustrating because I really don’t know if I’m overly cautious or if its an injury. I really love running but lately it feels like it’s one step forward and 3 steps back for me.

Any ideas from you runners out there?

2 thoughts on “Am I Overly Paranoid About My Knee & Running?

  1. How are your feet? My sister has dealt with knee issues because she’s flat footed and has over-pronation. Maybe look into getting some sole inserts? I deal with flat feet myself and I always feel more comfortable with good arch support.
    Wishing the best for you, I know it can be very frustrating and I hope you figure things out. 🙂

    • My feet are good. I was fitted for a new pair of running shoes for the first time a few months ago. I believe not having the right shoes caused my problem with my knee earlier this year. But inserts maybe the way to go. Thanks!

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