Is The BulletProof Coffee Worth All The Fuss? (Or: How I Learned To Enjoy A Cup Of Joe!)

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My version of the Bulletproof Coffee. A great way to boost the fat in your low carb diet, but no replacement for breakfast!

Yes, that is butter floating in coffee! My version of the Bulletproof Coffee. A great way to boost the fat in your low carb diet, but it’s no replacement for breakfast!

I just drank my first real cup of Joe 10 days ago in Texas. That’s right, I’m in my 40s and never acquired the taste for it. While I love the smell, I could never get over that first sip. Yuck! So dang bitter.

My mother explained the wonders of the morning ritual  the jitter juice provides, as well as its medicinal wonders in fighting constipation (Dr. Mom simply had to make an appearance during breakfast!).

Meanwhile my husband goaded me into trying his brew, because he has “mad coffee makin’ skills” or some such silliness. Apparently it’s all in the width of the grains.

Anyway, he gave me 3 squares of dark chocolate to bite into after each sip. Eat dark chocolate while drinking coffee?  SOLD!

The dark chocolate got me over the bitterness fast! Needless to say, I was open to trying the battery acid again.

My second cup of java came during our marathon drive (20+ hours) back home. I didn’t have any dark chocolate to help with the taste, so I tried a pumpkin spiced latte. While I loved the pumpkin flavor, it was too sweet for me.

Too bitter, too sweet…Oh wow, I’m the Goldilocks of coffee drinkers!

The great thing about the black ichor of life is the health benefits to drinking it (in moderation, of course). But for me to continue drinking it, I need to find a way to get past the bitterness without relying on chocolate or tasty flavors that up the sugar (and carb count) of something that’s naturally low carb.

Coffee With Butter?
The other night I decided to try my version of the latest fad running wild in the low carb and paleo communities — Bulletproof Coffee!

My version doesn’t need a blender or MCT oil. I simply added 1 tbsp of butter and 1 tbsp of cream to my coffee. The result? Goodbye bitterness, hello buttery goodness. Yum!

The fat content does fill you up and you don’t want to eat after drinking it. But this isn’t something I’ll try everyday. Instead, I’ll reserve it for those days where my daily caloric intake of fat is well below 65%.  I know the guy that created Bulletproof Coffee pitches it as a meal replacement, but this concoction doesn’t have the essential nutrients that my breakfast provides. Sorry, but I’ll take one of my avocado-tomato omelets over a Bulletproof Coffee every time.

Authority Nutrition has an interesting post on the cons of drinking Bulletproof Coffee everyday, multiple times a day. Sometimes too much fat is a bad thing.

Anyway, while I’m starting to enjoy coffee I don’t think a daily ritual of eggs and a cup of Juan Valdez’s best is in my future. But I think a few times a week I can enjoy one serving of bean juice (with a tbsp of cream) with breakfast.

3 thoughts on “Is The BulletProof Coffee Worth All The Fuss? (Or: How I Learned To Enjoy A Cup Of Joe!)

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  2. Hi Dot – I recently found out I am diabetic and am figuring out all the low-carb things I can have (by the way, I used to work at NRECA but had to get out of that place). By watching carbs since my diagnosis two-weeks ago, I’ve already lost 9 pounds – and I haven’t gone hungry. It’s just a different way of eating and thinking about my relationship with food. One of my closest friends is a major paleo proponent and swears by the Bullet Proof coffee – I’ve been trying to sort out how I will drink coffee now that the cream and sugar aren’t an option. Your posts are great – I’ve started my own blog and am tracking my relationship with food and my path to be healthy. Sometimes I wonder how I allowed myself to get so far down the path to unhealthy. But, no looking back!

    • Well it is a small world! I don’t there is anything wrong with the bulletproof coffee, but I don’t believe it should replace meals. Meals provide the nutrients you need where this concoction doesn’t. I think it is good as a fat bomb to boost your saturated fat levels if that is needed. But if you are someone who drinks a lot of coffee every day, moderation might be required.

      Congrats on the the weight loss and starting your own blog. It will take time, but you’ll find out what works best for you. Oh, you should check out the It’s a great blog by a doctor and he writes a lot about diabetes and low carb diets. You might find some good info there. Good luck and please share your blog address!

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