Ankle & Knee Feeling Better With Stretching

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A beautiful day for a run!

A beautiful day for a run!

Today was my first run in more than a week. I didn’t expect much as far as distance since I cut down on cardio last week due to problems with my ankle and knee. I ended up running farther than I had before – 1.66 miles. Sweet!

Thankfully my knee and ankle started feeling better yesterday. I think taking it easy this week along with stretching consistently seemed to do the trick.

My New Old, Reliable Stretching Program
When I met with my trainer on Wednesday, she had an easy lower body workout set up. After two weeks in Texas, I needed to ease back into my routine. Turns out, nearly every machine we used was met with serious resistance from my legs. My IT bands, quads, hamstring, glutes and calf muscles were way too tight.

As a result, my ankle and knee were killing me each bend, dip and squat.

Methinks that 20-hour car drive from Texas didn’t do me any favors.

I know stretching is important. It certainly helped in my recovery after my knee injury in January. But for some stupid reason, I stopped my morning stretches. Well now I’m a believer. I’m stretching my legs first thing in the morning, and before and after my workouts. My trainer’s also requested I stretch on my walks, after every mile.

Watch My Daily Stretching Routine

It may seem like a lot, but since I added stretching to my daily routine I’m having fewer problems with my knee and ankle. OK, I know it’s only been a few days, but we all know what mama says:

mama says

Since I had fewer injuries when I paid for overly expensive yoga classes, I’m going to take advantage of my gym’s free yoga classes. So I’m adding in a couple of classes during the week.

That should whip me into shape in no time!

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