Weight Loss Bucket List: 25 Gorgeous Hikes

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I kicked off my 2014 fatpacking season at Raven Rocks. Here I'm resting after climbing 1530 ft to the top of the 2nd climb at Raven Rocks.

I love day hikes and backpacking. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to do much of it this year. The 25 hikes listed in Women’s Health need to go on my weight loss bucket list.

Women’s Health Magazine listed 25 Gorgeous Hikes that you have to do in your lifetime.  Looking at the list, I’m sad to say that I’ve only done one of these hikes — Arizona’s Tonto Natural Bridge Park (Waterfall Trail). Well, one down and 24 to go.  West Virginia’s Raven Rock Trail is nearby.  Perhaps it’s something the hubby and I can try this fall.

Anyway, the list is a nice little bucket list for you avid hikers out there.

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