Weekly Weigh-In: Down 6.4 Pounds!

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I dropped 6.4 lbs. this week. Another week like this and I'll finally drop below 200.

I dropped 6.4 lbs. this week. Another week like this and I’ll finally drop below 200.

Hot damn! I’ve pretty much dropped all my weight gain from my trip to Texas. I was hoping for a 2 pound loss and ended up dropping 6.4 lbs. Sweet!

My secret? Tracking. Not exciting, I know. But truth is when I track, I lose weight. Funny how that works.

So my total weight loss is now 120 lbs. That’s 24 5-pound gold stars to my Weight Watcher peeps.

Push To Drop Below 200 Pounds
I’ve flirted with crossing the 200 pound mark since July. I’m not sure if it’s a mental hurdle, but it feels like I sabotage myself the closer I get that magic number.

Now I’m like a dog with a bone. It’s in my sights and I’m going to blow past it.

To give me a little added incentive, I’ve decided I can’t buy new fall/winter workout gear until I weigh below 200 lbs. Last fall’s workout clothes are two sizes too big. With cooler weather arriving, that should light a fire under my butt.


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